If China Stumbles, Will the Global Economy Fall Down? — U.S. Money Reserve

China’s current population is now more than 1.4 billion. With the help of exploding global trade, capital investment, technological prowess, an effective copycat culture, and the ability to supply extremely cheap manufacturing, the peasant nation has grown into an economic superpower.

The People’s Republic is now the world’s largest exporter, directly tying China’s fortunes to the global economy and vice versa.

This makes the current trade war with China all the more perilous. Tariffs, however, are not the only challenges rattling Beijing.

All of this is happening, of course, against the backdrop of a slowing Chinese economy, a tit-for-tat trade war, and unrest in the streets of Hong Kong. So if the United States is seeking to economically outflank Beijing-in many respects, we have them exactly where we want them.



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